New Trailer: Supergirl on CBS…Looks “Super” Indeed!

by JC Alvarez
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With all the attention that it’s more testosterone filled competitors have been getting… The Flash is opening a gateway into a parallel earth. Arrow is facing some supernatural forces. Gotham is going dark. …Superman’s cousin Kara has got some heavy-lifting to do when the new series Supergirl premieres on CBS in October. But she’s looking good!

Based on the latest trailer released to promote the October 26 premiere the show’s producers (Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg the same minds behind Arrow and The Flash on The CW) are making our heroine look “sexy” by muscling up the threat level. In some of this “never-before-seen” footage The Department of Extra-Normal Operations is definitely a presence to be reckoned with.

Exactly whose side they’re on may not be entirely clear, and although (we know) Kara aka Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) has aligned herself with the clandestine government agency, is it possible that the department doesn’t necessarily have Supergirl’s best interests in mind? They have after all recruited Supergirl to hunt down extraterrestrial threats.

Isn’t Supergirl an alien herself? How long before Kara is going to have to choose between what’s right or wrong, or whether or not she’s being manipulated — or worse…weaponized — to take on her own cousin? There’s also the secular component, as mentioned in the new trailer, the agency blames Kara for releasing some of these dangerous criminals from their captivity.

Looking every bit as powerful as her male-counterparts, Supergirl is ready to stand with her contemporary superhero sisters including Wonder Woman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer — and has already earned a place with fans as the next big hero to watch. Actress Melissa Benoist has easily won the hearts of her audience and proudly dons the iconic cape and family crest that makes her “super”!

This new trailer only makes fans more eager to welcome Supergirl into the mix. With the introduction of the dangerous Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) introduced as a major foil to the Maid of Might and a possible ally in the android Red Tornado set to also appear, Supergirl is more powerful than a locomotive, and will move as fast as a speeding bullet.

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