Mortal Kombat X DLC Pack 2 Coming Soon

by Brandon Richardson
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Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard yet there is a second DLC pack being lovingly called the Kombat Pack 2 and is on everyone’s mind with who the new characters are going to be. Since Nether Realm’s publisher, Ed Boon, has been posting images and taunting messages on his Twitter page it has generated even more buzz about who or what we will be able to play with this new DLC.

Some of the more recent posts, like Ed’s “Straight Outta KP2” had a couple of figures that looked like Alien and Sektor. The release has been set to come out in 2016 with new Kombatants in addition to the new playable characters as well as custom skins to play around and make our own visions of the characters. There are some speculation or hopeful fans for the ability to play as Green Lantern, Superman, Bane, and even the Joker in this new DLC. But spite all of the speculation about DC getting some characters into this game, Ed Boon stated in an interview with Polygon that he has no intention of putting DC characters into the game play of Mortal Kombat X. However, after explaining that it wouldn’t be to his liking to see Batman or Superman to get decapitated in a fight against one of the characters from the Mortal Kombat realm he never said that about the Joker. So who knows it might happen with a villains exclusive DLC. We can hope for a Christmas miracle.


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