Colonel Of Two Worlds

by Brandon Richardson
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As DC has been releasing amazing comics and story arcs it posses no surprise that DC would make it so anything is possible, especially after the Convergence multiverse. With that they have decided to put their money where their mouth is by releasing a comic where Colonel Sanders teams up with The Flash and from the cover Green Lantern, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master in a fight against the evil Colonel Sanders from Earth-3. This comic pays homage to the comic “Flash of Two Worlds“.

This wonderfully cooked comic is done by Tony Bedard, with art done by Tom Derenick. If you happen to be at the New York Comic Con it is available for pick up from October 8-11 at the Javits Center. If you are like me and couldn’t go to the NYCC then don’t fret, it will be available on Comixology. And if you like to get more of this rotisserie style comic there is actually another comic that both DC and KFC have done that show the Colonel’s power of making chicken “the hard way” that came out at the San Diego Comic Con, International.


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