NYCC 2015: Fans React Positively To Lucifer: Pilot

by Brandon Richardson


In case you missed the pilots on Thursday, know that one has fans positively buzzing, it’s Lucifer. Of course having to follow-up after Supergirl is a tough gig but the pilot held its own and left fans excited about the upcoming Warner Brother’s drama television show. Lucifer had captivated the audience’s with all of its devilish puns and witty humor accompanied with the shows dark humor. With the actor Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, it made for an even better viewing. The television series is based on the characters from the DC’s Vertigo series. It takes place as Lucifer himself takes a vacation from hell to the surface of the Earth starting in Los Angeles using his good looks and charm to help the L.A.P.D. solve crimes and mysteries.

Even with all of the positive reviews there are still some who feel that the TV drama is not accurate or portrayed well enough to that of the comic book series. Here are a couple of the Tweets from both sides of the review of the pilot.

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