Review: Batman and Robin Eternal #2

by Matthew Lloyd
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Batman and Robin Eternal #2. James Tynion IV & Scott Snyder- Story, Tim Seeley- Script, Paul Pelletier- Pencils, Tony Kordos- Inks, Rain Beredo- Colors.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 Cass in Action 1

So, I want you to close your eyes and imagine one of the best comics you’ve ever read…. Open your eyes…. Is Batman and Robin Eternal #2 in front of you? If not, you didn’t try hard enough. If issue #1 was a great start, issue #2 is probably even better. If you love Dick Grayson, then this is a must read for you. With issue #2 it seems like we’re going to get all-star talent on pencils- something Batman Eternal did not always have. Paul Pelletier gets it done in a big way here. If you’re familiar with his work on Aquaman, I would say it’s even more appropriate in Gotham.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 matron

Instead of picking up from last issue’s surprise ending, Batman and Robin Eternal #2 picks up in the middle of the action as Orphan is about to put it to Harper Row- hard. Bam! Cassandra Cain shows up in a big way to save Harper. Matron from Grayson makes a brief appearance as Dick turns off all his Spyral equipment to go back to the Bat-form he was raised in. It’s like old home week as Stephanie and Tim show up at Harper’s place to help Dick fill in the gaps. However, there’s a smell of fear in the air that takes Dick back to a memory of the Scarecrow- Fear Gas.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 Fear

Apparently, Cassandra used it on Orphan as she saved Harper from his attack. This flashes Dick back to his fears of not being worthy of being Batman’s partner and Batman’s potential for endangering a minor. Tim’s arrival triggers Dick’s detecting mind into realizing that Jason may be a target, except Jason may already be in the thick of it, but from the wrong perspective.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 Cass in Action 2

The Positives

As a weekly series, Batman and Robin Eternal should move fast, and it does. This issue doesn’t answer any questions raised in the inaugural episode, but is sure hits hard with the action. The strength here is the Bat-family, extended as it is, coming together. It sets up an even broader conglomerate of Bat-heroes to come. Spoiler, Bluebird, and Cassandra Cain seem poised to fully enter the Bat-family in the contemporary DC Universe. This should come as a great satisfaction to older fans, and that’s probably why this issue works to well- it just feels right.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 Wrong Headed Jason

Additionally, how awesome is it that Dick Grayson is featured in two books. Next week he will be in three with Titans Hunt. It should not be any surprise- Dick is right there with the iconic characters of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Stephanie’s interaction with Dick from anonymous observation to face to face meeting is a treat. Cassandra is truly bad ass. Dick is classic Grayson, it’s no surprise he’s one of DC’s most enduring and popular characters.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 Steph

The Negatives

I guess if you didn’t read issue #1 you might be a bit confused, but that’s your fault. There’s probably a copy of #1 at your LCS- go buy it now so you’re not lost. This series is that good so far. You’ll probably enjoy it more than the regular monthly Batman book.

Batman and Robin Eternal 2 Stepnanie

The Verdict

Awesome is awesome. With a weekly series it’s easy enough to have a slow issue, but this is not that issue. Batman and Robin Eternal #2 delivers the goods in almost every way. Don’t think you can skip this series. Drop something if you have to and get on board the Dick Grayson train in the form of Batman and Robin Eternal!


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