Review: The Flash Season 2 Ep. 2: Flash of Two Worlds

I wish I could just type “wow” for a review and stop. But that wouldn’t be fair to the people reading this. However “wow” is the word I’d definitely use to describe the episode of The Flash. Titled “Flash of Two Worlds” we pick up immediately where we left off on the season premiere with Jay Garrick meeting Team Flash for the first time. Although Barry is at first reluctant to trust Jay because of Barry’s previous relationship with Wells ( who was Reverse-Flash) the two join forces when a villain known as Sand Demon attacks and they must save the city, and the life of a police officer.


The Positives

As usual I’m never disappointed by the writing of The Flash. Everything the show does never disappoints and the writers never leave you hanging–unless they want you to. The introduction of Jay–which I was feening over since last season when I first heard the rumor was greatly done. The writers have made Jay an almost polar opposite of Barry. Although Jay is a scientist, he comes off as being pretty cynical and less naive than Barry but that actually makes the relationship between them perfect. While Barry is still coming into his own and is essentially an idealist, Jay has the experience and even shows Barry how to harness and use a new power. I thought that was a staple of the episode.

The Negatives

The only problem that I hope doesn’t occur is that we have Jay being a mentor to Barry the whole season. Although Wells was a villain, we already had that mentoring role done through him, so I hope the writers don’t repeat the cycle. Yes, it’s obvious Jay is not a villain but I’d like to see more of a team-up role besides the mentoring one. I think however that the writers know this and I’ve trusted their judgment on every episode I’ve seen so far. I’ll say it like this– the writers are driving the car and I don’t care about the destination–I’m just enjoying the ride.


The Verdict

Once again I’m left impressed by The Flash. The writing is excellent from the emotions of the characters and the belief in what they do, to the amazing cgi effects. I can really say The Flash is one of the few shows that never has an episode I don’t like. Each episode seems to add more to the mix, and while with some shows that can be overload–the writers of The Flash make it just right. We see that Barry although still learning, has changed from the first season from being unsure of his abilities to actually being more sure of what he can do. I’m excited that we get to see Jay in his Flash uniform and I hope we see more of it. Now I can end this review the way I started it–wow.


Steven Brown

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