David Goyer Gives Updates On ‘Krypton’

by Roemello Mckay
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Krypton” executive producer David S. Goyer offered some updates about the potential SyFy show, including when the series will take place and what inspired it, during an interview with Collider.

“It’s still in development,” he explained, adding, “Hopefully. We’ll have some news about it pretty soon.”

Goyer revealed that the show will take place “200 years before” Krypton’s explosion, which sets the show well before Superman was born. He expressed his desire to “pull back the curtain” on Krypton, recalling how he had forty pages worth of material set on Krypton in the original script for Man of Steel.

“I was so insistent on setting that opening on Krypton and really seeing it, was pulling back the curtain,” he shared. “There were a lot of ideas that I wanted to use in the film that didn’t ultimately make it into the film.”

“Should we make the show, there will definitely be some big moments. It won’t be wall-to-wall visual effects every single moment, spectacle, in the way that the film will be, but we’ll also be digging into the characters and the culture a lot more,” he said.

Despite Goyer’s enthusiasm for this project, it would seem that “Krypton” is not a sure thing just yet. Thowing around words like “hopefully” and “should we make the show,” it appears Goyer isn’t certain if the show will get aired, though he suggests we’ll get more information about that soon.

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Source(s): Comic Book Resources , Collider

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