Snyder & Capullo Reveal Their ‘Break-up’ And More

by Brandon Richardson
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If you haven’t heard the news that artist Greg Capullo and writer Scott Snyder have decided to take a break from Batman, now you have and wish you hadn’t heard it at all. I know I did. This is of course a travesty, however the “couple” claim that it is only temporary. Greg Capullo said some funny puns in an interview with CBR while attending the CBR Tiki Room at New York Comic Con that touched on the  reason for this break up between him and Scott Snyder.

Because I’m tired of being a cuckold. It’s the best metaphor I can think of because we’re a married couple — so to speak — in comics and he gets to run around play with Sean [Murphy] and he plays with Jock and he plays with Rafael [Albuquerque] and I stay true-blue loyal only sleeping with him. So I just wanted to take a minute and have an affair outside the marriage so I get to have a taste of something else for a minute. That’s basically it. I want to experience something else and you can’t do that without breaking up for a minute.


Scott Snyder followed up with how he feels about his friendship with Greg describing it as a relationship similar to that of two brothers. As well that he is willing to go to great lengths to keep that friendship with him. Even as Greg is now looking at working with others such as Mark Miller. Scott and Greg have every intention on returning together on an up and coming super project. They have not said a lot about this new super project but have expressed that even though they feel they have reached the top, that a lateral move is just as important as moving up. Later in their interview they brought up the villain Mr. Bloom and how he is like an updated take on all the old villains of Batman.

They go on to tell the tale of how Mr. Bloom came to be based upon James Gordon’s version of Batman and how he wants the people of Gotham to have faith in the city. Then on how to make this new spin on Batman really put Gordon on his head by creating a villain that exploits the common person who fears things from everyday problems to virtually larger than life ones by offering them powers to protect themselves. As this is how Mr. Bloom seems to grow without disruption in the shadows of Gotham’s buildings and streets. This is only amplified and reflected in how Greg does his art in how it takes his style of art to a new level while keeping a little cartoon feel to it. Then in the final part of their interview Scott talked about how he is adjusting his writing to fit the style of the artists that he is and is planning on working with in the future. Scott started by saying that,

One of the joys of writing comics is how collaborative it is and the respect that — I write very differently for Jock than I write for [Greg] and it also inspires different kinds of stories. And that’s part of why I think staying on “Batman” for me is still exciting even though there is no matching what Greg and I did in terms of a run or a sort of architecture that you build. But there are still a lot of stories and some big and crazy ones that I’d like to do, and I feel like there are certain artists that allow me to go to different places than I would go with Greg. In that way, it gets me excited and gives me a new lease on the character. The same I’m sure if [Greg] works with a different writer it would give him a new lease on whatever project he was on.


The two also gave up who they like to write and draw for in this last part of the interview. That being the Joker for Scott and either Gordon or Owl for Greg. All depending on if Gordon has his mustache and glasses so to Scott it’s mustache or bust. Hope to hear what you think of this temporary break-up of Scott and Greg and what you hope to see or read with their works by commenting below and sharing with us.

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