Review: Titans Hunt #1

by Steven Brown
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So I just finished reading Titans Hunt #1 written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Geraldo Borges and Paulo Siqueira and it was a decent read. Dealing with the events after the “Convergence” story arc we find the Titans separated and pursuing their own interests. Roy, Dick and Garth have no memories of the team at all, and at this point in the story Roy is the only one asking questions about the missed memories. It isn’t until Lilith’s contact with Dick that we find out the team is fractured and has no idea what’s happened to them at all.


The Positives

I thought the issue was a solid read as we see the life of these heroes outside of the uniform. Roy is seen wandering around in the very beginning of the issue when he sees a water tower shaped like a “T”. He tries to remember what it stands for but whenever he tries his mind goes blank. Dick Grayson is now Agent 37 and he’s globetrotting stopping the sale of metahuman parts to the highest bidder. Lilith on the other hand works at a simple addiction center helping people break the habit. Each character is shown in great detail carrying out the routines of their lives while questioning their identity at every step. The pacing of the story is solid although slow at times but I think that’s due to the fact that we are seeing their lives outside the uniform. The only one in this issue that even throws a punch is Richard Grayson, although it’s a good surprise to see who he fights–no I’m not gonna spoil it for you either.

The Negatives

The only negative I really see is at moments the comic becomes tedious and slow. Its alright to do in this case cause the Titans are obviously not the same team after the events of Convergence so its forgivable. The issue in itself I believe is a search for each Titan’s memories so the slow pace is to be expected to a degree. However seeing Grayson in action saves the issue for me as he’s the only one actually in this issue that’s on a real mission. I wasn’t into Grayson no longer being Nightwing but this issue sells you on it. However I still want to see Dick return to his uniform in the future. It just doesn’t feel the same without it, although he’s still quite effective in combat as shown in the issue.


The Verdict

Overall this issue was decent, but it doesn’t stand out at all. I’m hoping that Abnett uses this issue as a stepping stone to something greater–and more than likely he will. I got to be honest and say as a long time Batman fan I hate seeing Grayson out of the uniform, but hopefully it’ll grow on me. I’m guessing that Abnett is using this brief memory loss to bring our Titans back better than ever. And after reading this issue that’s all one can hope for.


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