Review: Black Canary #5

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

In this issue, the Black Canary band are forced into a battle of the bands.


The comic begins with the band wrapping up a gig and then camping out for the night. They discuss the fact that the record label may have put them together for nefarious reasons considering two members of the band have super powers. While camping out, a woman in white steals some of Dinah’s blood. The next morning, the band is at a record signing but several bands call Black Canary out and demand a battle of the bands. The band’s promoter forces them to take part as repayment for damages caused to the venues where Black Canary played. The issue ends with the reveal that Maeve has a new band that is part of this battle and she now has the canary cry.


The interactions between the characters is very good in this one. Dinah continues to be a strong leader which does make me miss Birds of Prey. However, her band members get some nice development as well. There is a mystery set up concerning Paloma’s parents that is interesting and I just like the dynamic of the band.

The chase scene between Dinah and the woman in white is really well put together. Pia Guerra’s art is fantastic and fluid but the layout is really well done too. It’s not different or game changing but it is still a really dynamically drawn and structured action scene.

The mysteries the issue sets up are interesting. I am curious to know why exactly the band was put together and it will be interesting to see why the woman in white wants Dinah’s blood.


The stakes are not exactly high. It’s not a huge problem but Dinah’s antagonists so far seem fairly petty and simple-minded. It’s hard to say until we see where the creative team takes it.

I am not loving Kurt. I get that it adds some more drama but it’s not really necessary or interesting. Maybe I am stuck in the past but I would prefer if Green Arrow and Black Canary were together or at least knew each other. I get that this is Dinah Drake and the woman Oliver loved in the previous continuity was her daughter, Dinah Lance, but Dinah Drake also wasn’t a member of the Birds of Prey. Also, why is DC using Dinah Drake as opposed to Dinah Lance? She essentially acts like Lance and doesn’t seem any different except for her name. Is it just for the sake of being different? It’s not a big deal but it’s something I wonder about every time I read this series.


This is a fun issue. The characters get a lot of good interaction and dialogue with one really cool action scene. The plot isn’t that exacting but it is enjoyable.


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