Review: Doomed #5

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

In this issue, Superman tries to help Reiser with his Doomsday problem but the Alpha Centurion interrupts.


The comic begins with Superman explaining the Doomsday virus to Jayne. When she explains what happens with Reiser, Superman goes to talk to him. Reiser ends up punching Superman before being confronted by the Alpha Centurion. The two fight for a while before Superman stops them. The issue ends with the three of them being confronted by a giant monster.


The art is fantastic. The skylines of Metropolis are beautiful in this. The action is well handled too.

I like that Superman is trying to just talk to Reiser. He doesn’t show up and immediately start punching him like Wonder Girl in the last issue. He only resorts to violence when Reiser does.


There is too much action here. It is well drawn which makes it tolerable but it just feels excessive. There didn’t need to be any sort of fight between Superman and Reiser. They could have just been talking and then, the Alpha Centurion sets Reiser off.

Speaking of, the Alpha Centurion is a fairly dull rip off of Thor and is actually quite similar to the portrayal of Thor in The Return of the Incredible Hulk. He just talks a lot and is irritating.


The stuff with Superman and Reiser combined with gorgeous artwork makes this an enjoyable read despite being over packed with action and the Alpha Centurion being a bore. It’s a good read.


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