Review: Grayson #13

by Matthew Lloyd
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Grayson #13. Script- Tim Seeley, Plot by Tim Seeley & Tom King, Pencils- Mikel Janin, Inks- Hugo Petrus, Colorist- Jeromy Cox.

Grayson 13 de briefing

The thing about Grayson that continues to impress and make this book stand above is the consistent characterization and focus on relationships. We’ve seen misdirection and subtlety over the past few issues, but Grayson #13 continues to build on the relationships and the characterization that have made his book so good. It also finds a way to add to the bigger story that the team have been working on since issue #1.

Grayson 13 acrobatics

Dick has returned to Spyral and is getting, ahem, debriefed by Dr. Nezt and Matron. It doesn’t take long before Dick is sent back to the field to work with Agent 1 on a milk run. They stop some pirates led by Tiger Shark, in some nicely paced and choreographed action by Mikel Janin. It’s nice that Dick’s circus roots are referenced so frequently, it maintains that link to his past and role as the first Robin.

Grayson 13 Red Robin

The real meat of the issue arrives after the pirates have been dispatched. Agent 1 goes off for a night of drinking with the captain of the ship, and Dick gets in contact with “Alvin Draper,” Red Robin back in Gotham who’s been working on some intel for Dick on the recently revealed Agent Zero- Luka Netz. Apparently, she’s been Bat and bird watching for quite a while, since Dick was a Robin in Gotham.

Grayson 13 Ladytron


Meanwhile, Helena is meeting with her superiors and an agent of the God Garden- Ladytron, has been released in Spandau, Germany and Dick and Agent 1 are not far behind. Midnighter is watching from a safe distance and I can tell next issue is gonna be good! So Luka Netz is the shooter from Grayson #8.

Grayson 13 Finale


The cover is the first treat. It promises something and it definitely delivers, though not in a replicated interior scene. It’s one of those conceptual covers that really works.

Grayson 13 cover

There are some ‘70’s and ‘80’s musical references that made me smile, though I’m sure they will confound some. Let me know if you don’t catch them. Dick’s character shines as always and the overall story receives attention while still maintaining a single issue story that can be enjoyed. However, there’s enough going on that it begs to be followed if you aren’t already doing so. Dick’s interaction with Tim (Red Robin) is strong. It builds on their relationship as psedo-brothers, but it also shows how Dick relies on his friends for needed assistance.

Grayson 13 Tiger Shark


Hard to find this issue. Grayson #13 gives the reader a lot and leaves little to be desired.

The Verdict

This series is very strong overall. Great characterization and great relationship building between the characters make this an easy book to like. It seems fitting with it being Dick Grayson, though. He was introduced as a gateway character for younger readers 75 years ago. It’s no different now. He’s easy to like because he has such fun doing what he does. Seeley, King and Janin are able to convey that month after month. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s Robin, Nightwing or Agent 37, there’s just something about Dick Grayson done right that works.


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