Arrow and The Flash Both Take a Giant Step Forward

by Julian Bartlett
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This week on the CW, fans of Arrow and The Flash were treated to two hours of incredible television. The fun started on Tuesday night with episode four of The Flash; “The Fury of Firestorm.” Professor Stein found his other half, the West family had an emotionally charged couple of days, and a surprise villain was brought into Earth-1 to kill Barry. After that masterpiece, Wednesday provided an extremely enjoyable episode of Arrow. Ollie announces his candidacy for mayor and Captain Lance is forced to deal with the return of Sara. He is also dealing with an internal tug-of-war after being confronted about his alliance with Darhk by Oliver.

Iris had her hands full with her mother being back in town. After dealing with more lies and deceit, Iris finds out she might have another family member that has remained a secret. Jefferson Jackson has finally come to The Flash to complete Professor Stein. Firestorm was great in this weeks episode. Jackson’s tale of triumph was one of the most inspiring storylines in the show yet. I will probably take some heat for this but I think that this Firestorm/Flash team-up might have been a little more fun to watch than Ollie and Barry. Not only did Firestorm feel authentic, but this is one of the first times Barry has been jokey with a villain. As he plays catch me if you can with Hewitt, he is constantly poking fun and toying with him. Classic Flash!! Finally, when the giant hand of King Shark wraps around Barry’s neck was an intense scene. Not only did they nail the look of King Shark, but it was also an out-of-nowhere surprise. Bravo CW, Bravo.


After the spectacular outing by The Flash, Arrow did not disappoint. A new bond was formed between Captain Lance and Oliver. During both scenes with Ollie at Lance’s house I had chills. Stephen Amell stepped-up his acting chops because he delivered two passionate speeches that had me in awe. Emotion ran deep in this episode of Arrow. Felicity hears Ray’s voice again and Captain Lance see’s his baby girl Sara for the first time after the Lazarus Pit. The final scene with Damien Darhk had me sounding like Brad Pitt in Se7en yelling, “What’s in the box, what’s in the box?”


Needless to say this week the CW killed it. Both of my favorite superhero shows made giant leaps forward. The new characters, the returning characters, the emotion, the messages, and the acting were all phenominal. All this combined has me believing that both Arrow and The Flash will be around for awhile. The wait for next Tuesday and Wednesday is going to be a long one. At least there is always binge watching the previous seasons on Netflix.

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