Interview About Deathstroke With Tony Daniel, James Bonny, & Tyler Kirkham


Hello everyone! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this weeks issue of Deathstroke #11 then here is a little heads up. As we all know, it is in your best interest not to mess with Deathstroke.

Spoilers are coming so if you don’t want to know skip down one paragraph. But someone has done the unthinkable and has kidnapped his daughter, Rose Wilson. All of the insane signs point to Harley Quinn. This of course sets up for a fight against the Suicied Squad and Slate, aka: Deathstroke. Now there has been an almost father/daughter relationship between the two just without the trust, according to Tony Daniel. But even with all of these things pointing to Harley Slate understands that she is the best possible person to team up with in order to find his daughter. James goes on to talk about this a little saying,

The two anti-heroes are polar opposites. Deathstroke is precise. Focused. Strategic. While Harley Quinn exists in a world of joyful chaos. But opposites attract. Now that Slade Wilson is a younger version of himself… I could totally see him and Harley hooking up. Just lock up the fine china… and knives.

Okay, spoilers are over. Now if you don’t recognize the names here, Tony Daniel and James Bonnie are the writers for this Deathstroke series. Where Tyler Kirkham is the artist in which all of them have done an interview with DC Comics and talk about Slate’s troublesome future. As well as what we can expect to see from his deeply personal mission. One of the first questions to the three asked what they enjoyed the most about this comic thus far. Tony Daniel responded with how much fun it was to create Slate’s father Odysseus, and have him be such a big influence on Slate overall to which he hopes that future writers will take Odysseus and make him into an even bigger part of the story. Of course James Bonnie talks about the match-ups,

Because Deathstroke is such a formidable badass, it’s always fun to see him square off with a superior foe. You don’t want him punching down.  That’s why the “God Killer” arc was such a blast to work on. Slade tangles with Wonder Woman, God of War, and then in short order he’s clashing with Superman! Of course, the only reason Slade is able to even hold his own is because of the mystical God-Killer Sword in his possession. But it was great to let Deathstroke kick the crap out of the Man of Steel… for a few pages anyway. Gotta say my favorite match-up so far came when Deathstroke finally had his showdown with the mad Titan, Lapetus. Their physical combat was a climax to the psychic warfare that Lapetus had already waged upon Slade Wilson, after literally invading his soul and trying to turn his own inner demons against him.

With the writer’s favorites mentioned DC asked how it was to work with the new artist Tyler Kirkham.  Tony only had great things to say about Tyler and his artwork that has truly made the art come to life with his style and techniques that are really grabbing at fans. Tyler was then asked what it was like to work with Tony. This may be a small note but it is not the first time that Tony and Tyler have worked together. Tyler answered the question with,

I worked with him and James Bonny years ago on another project, though I never really got the chance to work closely with him like I am doing now. Tony is one of my favorite artists so it’s a little intimidating, but also a thrill at the same time. I think it makes me try harder knowing he will see the pages as they come in. I know a lot of people love what he has done with Deathstroke and I just hope I can live up to him.

Tyler also talked about how it was to pick up Deathstroke after the Deathstroke Annual. To which he had this to say to DC Comics,

Deathstroke is one of those DC characters I’ve always wanted to draw at some point in my career. Even if he just appeared or made a cameo in another story. There is something fun about drawing characters like this. He’s a weapon-wielding, masked vigilante badass with no fear. So to be doing the series is fantastic! The Deathstroke comics were actually the first issues I would pull out of my monthly DC comps to read. I really loved where the story was going, so you can imagine how excited I was when I got asked to do the annual. Not only that but after reading the annual script and seeing Wonder Woman and Superman were part of the God Killer arc was an extra plus! Now to be doing the monthly is even better! I’ll get to draw Slade in all sorts of crazy situations I’m sure!


During this interview they also talk about the research that they have had to do to make sure that everything is authentic or close to what Slate would look like. The research material seems to be classic slasher films and bloody or rather violent video games according to Tyler and his research to do the artwork. As a final question to the guys they were asked if they could provide some future insight as to what to expect from the series. Tony had said that Black Manta and Deadshot are the two that we can expect to see. While James stated his list that he would love to see Deathstroke fight against, such as Catwoman, Bane, and ultimately the Joker. Thanks for reading and comment below as to who you think would make an awesome fight against Deathstroke.

Brandon Richardson

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and it has always been a dream to work in comic books. And to do this is amazing and a lot of fun for me because not only do I get to read and write about what DC Comics is doing but it gives me more insight into who the characters are.