The Flash Season 2 Episode 6 “Enter Zoom”

by Steven Brown
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Barry Allen is in a fight for not only his city but his very life on tonight’s episode of The Flash. Titled “Enter Zoom”, Barry and Team Flash devise a plan to bring Zoom over from Earth 2 so that Barry can fight- and defeat Zoom once and for all. Although some people like Joe and Cisco are against it, they proceed to move forward with the plan to trap and defeat Zoom. However the plan goes awfully wrong, and The Flash and Zoom embark on a wild fight across the streets and skyline of Central City–which ends in Barry’s defeat–and a very unintended consequence.

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The Positives

I will never tire of the CGI effects of The Flash. Usually its the first thing I bring up in these reviews because it looks so good. The creators attention to detail is always amazing and this episode left me no different. The battle between Zoom and Flash was absolutely epic and there is no contest between Reverse Flash and Zoom. I have to admit I went into this season thinking “ok, another big bad villain as a speedster? this is gonna get old.” However the writers of The Flash don’t make it that way at all. Zoom totally comes off as his own character with his own ambitions and motives and his hatred of Barry is way more intense than Thawne’s ever was. I love how polar opposite Reverse Flash and Zoom are and I think that’s what made Barry’s rush into battle stand out more. Barry believed that he was simply engaging another speedster in combat, although Joe, Caitlin and Cisco were against it. Joe reminds Barry that no one is sure exactly what Zoom can do and it seems reckless to just jump in without understanding exactly what Zoom’s abilities are. Barry, who’s intentions mean well reminds Joe that he can’t just stand by while metahuman after metahuman continues to come through the breach to threaten him and the city. Although Barry does have a valid point, the battle with Zoom shows that he is far from beyond ready. Harrison Wells of Earth 2 finally has his intentions exposed to the team as Cisco through his new acquired power sees Wells’ motivations for helping The Flash in the first place. It’s revealed that Zoom has Wells’ daughter, Jessie Quick held captive. Wells went to Earth 1 to help The Flash capture Zoom so he could save his daughter. I liked this revelation because it showed a more noble and more human side of Wells. Although he isn’t the same Wells that killed Barry’s mom, he still went through the stigma and isolation as if it was actually him that did it. I hope that this reveal of him having good intentions of wanting to help the team makes Team Flash realize that in order to survive Zoom they all will have to be on the same page of things.

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The Negatives

I have to admit it right now I was NOT a fan of Linda Park finding out Barry was The Flash. Although she needed the confidence in order to go through with the plan Team Flash devised to capture Zoom, I’m sure there was a better way to go about talking to her. It just seems now that too many people are finding out about Barry’s identity and although I like Linda Park– I just didn’t see the point of her finding out Barry was The Flash. It was the only part of the episode that I felt was forced in there. Now I’m wondering if sometime in the future will Patty be brought in on the secret identity reveal as well. I got a feeling she will be, but I hope the writers just don’t put the scene in just cause.


The Verdict

This was obviously a great episode. Once again the writers of The Flash leave you with very little if nothing to complain about. From the beginning to the end of the show- it was all a rollercoaster ride that you’ll enjoy. We have seen Barry Allen grow from being slow and constantly late for work, to trying to become to fastest man alive, to finally realizing that there is someone even faster–Zoom. And with Zoom’s character being so good, the writers force you to wonder about his identity. My opinion is that it’s someone who knows Barry on a personal level, given the various locations Zoom takes Barry on in their battle across Central City I’m guessing that it’s someone who knows Flash’s identity. Who is Zoom? Will be Barry be able to stop him? Will Jay return now that Team Flash needs him? I promise you after watching “Enter Zoom” you’ll have these questions- and more for yourself as well.


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