Constantine Petition Closes In On 50,000 Signatures

by Brandon Richardson
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Hello everyone! In case you haven’t heard yet there is a petition that is out to put Constantine back on the air. A group of fans have set forth to make it become a reality. They lovingly deemed it “Save Constantine”. As seen on their site,, there is a lot of information regarding the petition and how close they truly are to hitting an impressive 50,000 signatures.



constantine_50kpetitionCaptureThey have also announced which networks that the they have chosen to try out first. Those being the El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen, AMC, and the USA network in hopes that one of these will take up the show and run with it. So who will take on the series while they increase their ratings with the more than obvious fan base, in addition to the potentially new viewers/followers to the series. With Matt Ryan’s appearance on the Arrow series crossover it has made a huge impact on the show. It’s ratings comparatively to last years ratings on Arrow are higher and according to ComicBook.Com it has the highest rating episode that they have seen for the series to date.

The show itself has a lot of potential to be great, but the biggest issue is finding the right time slot for the show to air in order to reach the appropriate demographic while not going broke. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the Constantine series and have been a fan ever since the Constantine movie – it’s what got me interested in the series. Do you see yourself signing the petition? Comment and let us know your thoughts on this petition and if you think Constantine should get a second chance.

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