Review: Titans Hunt #2

by Steven Brown
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The Teen Titans are still trying to piece together their broken memories in Titans Hunt #2. After encountering Garth the Atlantean in the first issue, Grayson has more questions than answers–and the spy organization Spyral won’t be able to help answer them. Dick heads back to the batcave where we encounter Alfred, ready to help Grayson with his mission of finding Garth. However when Grayson does, the encounter involves more than just friendly words. A fight soon erupts between the two, with Grayson trying to survive the attack of his former teammate until another former Titan enters the conflict. Will the Titans find out what happened to their memories? And even once they do, what becomes of the team?


The Positives

Titans Hunt #2 written by Dan Abnett and penciled by Stephen Segovia was a decent read. Picking up immediately where the first issue left off we find Dick Grayson still searching for Garth–all because the voice of Lilith told him to. Segovia’s artwork really shines in this issue as everything is drawn with great detail and dedication. I love how we see Grayson in the batcave and Segovia has it looking exactly as it should–no shortcuts. The writing by Abnett makes it that much better as we see it all from Grayson’s side a spy-type story. I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Grayson losing the Nightwing mantle, but this issue actually didn’t make me miss it all. The banter between him and Alfred is actually pretty amusing. It seems that no matter who writes for Alfred’s dialogue his sarcasm and wit remain a staple of the Batman mythos. I love the fact that Grayson can literally walk into the batcave and he and Alfred can still talk without missing a beat about anything. Abnett shows you the bond between Alfred and Grayson very well.


The Negatives

I have to admit my only complaint has to be a particular character– Roy Harper. While everyone in this issue has found a clue or some sort of answer to their situations Roy hasn’t–and its kind of irritating. From the first issue Roy comes off as rude and mean, and I know that’s his character but it just seems to constant for the story. Hopefully as Titans Hunt goes on we will see some change in his personality but in this issue he was very one dimensional. I feel as though almost he wasn’t even in particular really necessary to this story although he’s the one that starts it on the first page. However once you get involved in Grayson’s story you really don’t care about Roy’s anymore.



The Verdict

I thought Titans Hunt was a good read to me. Although the beginning was slow due to Roy’s intro it really picks up after the first few pages. The ending definitely gives you a surprise twist as Grayson already is involved in a fight with Garth, until a new player shows up that changes the dynamic of the fight. The ending alone makes me want to pick up issue 3 when it comes out. This has to be the first issue where I didn’t complain about not having the Nightwing uniform–and that’s saying something. I actually appreciated him being out of it this issue, and maybe it was due to the introduction of Alfred and the batcave. Abnett in this issue shows us that its not just the costume that makes the hero– good supporting characters do too and it does well in this issue through Alfred. I have to admit that I’m starting to like the espionage role that Dick has taken on–he does it very well.


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