Review: The Flash #46

by Sean Blumenshine
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Like father, like son.

This review contains spoilers.

In this issue, The Flash takes on Professor Zoom and his acolytes head on.


The comic begins with Flash in conflict with the police. Captain Frye believes Flash has too much power and wants to apprehend him for his reckless behavior as a superhero. Flash is able to disarm the cops before Zoom confronts him. Barry leads the fight away from the cops and takes on Zoom and his acolytes. During this, Henry is able to save Magali from dying. She is able to tell the acolytes of Zoom’s treachery and they turn on Zoom. They eventually retreat to save Magali’s life. The issue ends with Zoom taking Henry to Barry’s childhood home with Barry following.


The main appeal of Eobard Thawne as a villain is that he hates the Flash for things he hasn’t done yet. He is trying to prevent certain actions and punish someone before they actually do anything. That is really interesting and it is always fun to see it from the other perspective. Normally, the time traveler is the hero but the roles are switched in this conflict.

The art looks great. The Flash lends itself to creative drawings and this issue isn’t an exception. The various powers on display in this issue are very cool to look at. There are also some unique panel layouts that work well in the story.

I love how much Barry thinks in this issue. He learns from his mistakes in the previous issues and is able to take those experiences and think of a way to take out these speedsters. It is fun to watch him think this stuff through and grow as a crime fighter.


I wish Zoom’s acolytes had more characterization in the issue. We don’t know a whole lot about them. It’s not a huge problem but they are fairly standard and dull.


This is a very good issue. The conflict between Barry and Eobard is always interesting and it is fun in this. The art is creative and the action is engaging.



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