Telltale Games Announces New Batman Game

by Roemello Mckay
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Telltale Games, makers of The Wolf Among Us and the insanely popular survival game series based on The Walking Dead, has announced that they are currently working on a new project that revolves around Batman. No details have been given yet other than it will come to digital stores for home consoles as well as PC and Mac some time in 2016.

With Batman: Arkham Knight bringing the epic Batman Arkham video game series to a close, it should be fun to see how a different developer handles the character and what kind of story they will tell.

Despite the lack of details, Telltale was more than happy to provide fans with an amazing trailer to get them excited for the new game. You can check out the official trailer below.


If this game is like others made by Telltale, their trademark style will be a perfect fit for a Batman story. Are you looking forward to the release of this new game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source(s): Dark Knight News

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