SPOILERS! Batman’s Unmasking Explained Plus Flash Appearance Confirmed


Hello everyone and as a heads up there are SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don’t want anything spoiled than thanks for checking out this article and please check out some of our other informative and fun articles. So with the newest trailer for the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice being released we get to see a very angry Superman take Batman’s mask off while he is imprisoned. As we all know it is a pretty big deal for any one superhero to reveal their secret identity. Okay so we know some that don’t follow everyone else and just blurt it out publicly with no care in the world.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources Michael Wilkinson talks about the trailer and the scene where Batman is revealed by Superman. To put it simply the director Zack Snyder had an idea that this would be a nightmare for Bruce to have where in this post-apocalyptic world Superman has amassed a following that he is trying to just survive this new world. But it is all for not because in this nightmare Superman is seen more as a villain than as the symbol of hope that we traditionally know him for being. With this thought and really obsession that Bruce Wayne gets at trying to figure out Superman’s true intentions it has manifested into this dream. Wilkinson goes on to say later that the Flash does make an appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you haven’t seen the trailer here it is. Comment below and let us know what you think.



Brandon Richardson

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