Concept Art For Hal Jordan & John Stewart On Green Lantern Corps

by Brandon Richardson
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Hey everyone! In case you haven’t heard there is a Green Lantern Corps movie in the making. As DC Comics keeps on making all of these awesome movies it is to no surprise that they would add Green Lantern into the mix of all of these movies. The concept art for the two well-known Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart have been seen more and more since the Comic Con: International, San Diego. Mind you the concept art that was first seen during S.D.C.C. was apart of a presentation during a presentation for upcoming movies starting in March of next year. Of course this movie has a further release date that is kind of unreal when you think of it coming out in 2020. Yes, that’s right it isn’t coming out till June 2020. So with it having such an advanced heads up they must have a lot of plans and special effects that are going to just blow us away. What are your thoughts? Do you think it will be better than the previous Green Lantern movies? Comment and let us know below.

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