Review: Detective Comics #47 “Getting Dirty”

by Steven Brown
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Jim Gordon aka The Batman of the GCPD takes on Dick Grayson! In this Part 3 of the Robin War series Batman finds himself going on the wrong side of the law when children dressed as Robin are captured by the GCPD. Although Gordon himself was involved in some of these arrests, he becomes uneasy about the situation when he sees the massive–and high tech facility their being held in. It seems that someone has a plan to end the Robin War once and for all–and they’re willing to kill the children to do it!


The Positives

This particular issue written by Ray Fawkes and penciled by Steve Pugh was a good read. From the beginning of the book we’re thrown into a fight between Jim Gordon and Dick Grayson and Steve Pugh does a great job showing it to us. I really like in particular how he shows Jim Gordon holding his own because honestly I expected a quick fight to end immediately in Grayson’s favor. Pugh doesn’t give us the obvious though and I like that about the scene. I have to also give Ray Fawkes credit on outstanding writing. It shows when you see the facility the “Robins” are being held in. Not only are children who are masquerading as Robin are being held, but also Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin! This is where Fawkes makes the issue stand out with how we see Tim, Damian, and Jason all treat each other– and I love it. Damian is focused on escape, while Tim and Jason are arguing with each other. Fawkes does a great job with showing the brotherly aspect between the three and just how completely different they are.


The Negatives

My only real negative about this issue is its lack of action. Although Fawkes and Pugh do a great job at storytelling here the only real combat we have is between Grayson and Gordon–and that’s given from the beginning of the page. Although I must say I hate putting this as a negative because I know there’s a setup for something bigger later. A great ending however revealing the power behind it all forgives the lack of combat in this issue for me. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more fighting next issue, especially if Tim, Jason, and Damian escape!


The Verdict

I thought #47 was a good read, especially if you like to see the interactions of Tim, Damian, and Jason. We get very few issues where we see them all together, so when it does happen I definitely like to read it. I won’t spoil it for you but once the mastermind is revealed it really throws everything you think out the window–I never saw it coming myself. If you’re a fan of the Robin character in general then this is a great read for you! And if you’re not then it’s an issue that will definitely make you a fan!


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