‘The Flash’ Casts Another Possible Speedster

by Scarlett Bentley
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The Flash is continuing to fill its character list with speedsters as another potential speedster joins the cast this week.

Eliza Harmon will join the lightning line-up in episode 16 of the current season. The episode will air once the show comes back from its holiday break in January, and will feature Hamon who is described as an “exceptionally bright scientist”, who does however have a “split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde.”

Harmon will join the long list of speedsters already present in the show, including the show’s protagonist, Barry Allen, and recurring characters Zoom, Jay Garrick, Reverse Flash, Wally West and Jesse Quick.

Comic book Harmon had a short lifespan, dying less than two months after her debut as a member of Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project in 2006, as part of the “52” series. She went by the alias Trajectory, but ultimately dreamed of joining the Teen Titans and taking over as Kid Flash.

Since there is currently no Lex Luthor in either the Arrow or the Flash universe, it’s currently unclear how Harmon will get her speedster powers (that is if she gets powers at all), although it is possible that she could quire them through other means, such as Velocity 6, or she may have been turned into an speedster by the particle explosion and has just been keeping it hush hush.

The Flash will return to TV on Tuesday January 19th, on the CW.

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