Review: Batman 66 #30

by Paul DePaola
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In the final issue of Batman 66 crime has come to a stop in Gotham City.  Have Batman and Robin finally beaten back all the criminals?  Everything seems too good to be true as a most sinister plot is being hatched in an empty film studio that could spell the end of Batman and Robin.

The Positive

Batman 66 3 cropBatman fans have always wondered what would happen if Batman actually won and got rid of all the criminals.  This issue looks at that possibility, at least on a short term basis.  Batman sits at home building models while Robin grows impatient for something to happen.

This issue pushes the focus more onto the villains, we see them hatching their schemes and plotting the Dynamic Duo’s defeat.  It seems they have managed to gather every villain and crook in Gotham, except the Riddler.  There are cameos and mentions of nearly every villain Batman has faced both in the comics and the TV show.

By the end of the issue, it becomes clear what they are doing.  The creators have used this issue as a fun way to recreate the opening credits to the classic TV show.

Batman 66 2 crop

The Negative

The story here is a bit silly, even for this throwback title.  It’s clear that they had to go through some twists and turns to build a story that made sense to recreate the titles.

The Verdict

This has been a favorite title of mine and I’m sad to see it ending.  I love the classic Batman show and I’ve enjoyed the directions they’ve gone with the title here.  This issue is a great send off to the book.


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