New Batman V Superman Lego Sets Revealed

by Roemello Mckay
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Warner Bros., via  The Wall Street Journal, has revealed three new LEGO sets based on the upcoming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will all be available in retail stores on January 1.

Check out the three new LEGO sets based on the film below:

Lego Super Heroes Untied: Sky-High Battle

bvslego1The Sky-High Battle set contains 516 pieces, including the Batwing with an opening cockpit, fold-out wings and rapid shooter, and Lex Luthor’s LexCorp helicopter. The five minifigures included are Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. It will retail for $49.99 and go on sale Jan. 1.


LEGO Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes

bvslego2The Clash of the Heroes set contains 90 pieces, including minifigures of Superman and Batman, a buildable Kryptonite bazooka with launch stick, and a rotating, exploding Bat-Signal. It will retail for $12.99 and go on sale Jan. 1.

Lego Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception

bvslego3The Kryptonite Interception set contains 300 pieces, including minifigures of Batman and two LexCorp “henchmen,” a forklift for Kryptonite, and a Batmobile with two stud shooters and opening doors. It will retail for $29.99 and go on sale Jan. 1.

Which set will you be picking up this New Year’s Day, LEGO fans? Let us know in the comments below!

Source(s): Superhero Hype , The Wall Street Journal

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