Review: Robin, Son of Batman #7

by Max Eber
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Robin meets Robins in Robin: Son of Batman #7 plot by Patrick Gleason, dialogue by Ray Fawkes, Scott McDaniel on pencils, Andy Owens on inks, and Tom Napolitano on letters.


It’s Robin, and Robin, and Robin, and Robin vs. The Court of Owls as the group are attacked by a group of Talons continuing the main narrative from the Robin War event. All over Gotham it’s another strike from Lincoln March and his army of owls. The Robins rally and manage to work together (in particular Red Robin and Red Hood) to dispatch a group of them, but later more appear and Red Robin appeals to the many We Are Robin members to go home if they’d like, it’s going to be too hard. Councilwoman Noctua is revealed as being in league with the Owls but turns on them, calling Gordon. Riko leads the others to Gotham Academy where they find (surprise) a secret Owl base and “change over” machine. Gordon then comes crashing. Meanwhile Dick seeks out Lincoln March anticipating the group to try to recrRobin---Son-of-Batman-007-(2016)-(Digital-Empire)-011uit him again, when in actuality, they didn’t want him after all: Damian already offered himself.


Everyone working together! It’s neat and the actual blending of all the current characters reminds me, vaguely, of the Batfamily around No Man’s Land era, when everything was very (at least according to my recollection) very intertwined.


This is much more to do with We Are Robin than Damian himself, so Damian isn’t used very heavily. though Damian does offer up himself as what I’m going to assume will most likely a mole of sorts. Art, while decent is a level down from Gleason as is coloring, but they’re getting a good rest so it’s ultimately fine.


If you enjoy We Are Robin, which you should as it’s an interesting concept they should have done ages ago, and are a fan of books interacting more, then is will be right up your alley. Nothing in particular stands out and the art is cartoony, competent,  not particularly striking, but it’s not objectively bad in any sense.


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