Review: Harley Quinn and Power Girl #6

Harley Quinn and Power Girl’s intergalactic adventure has reached it’s end, but it’s going to be a finale to remember as Zartox plans to wed Power Girl.  He says it’s all a part of his plan to give her the transport ring, but there is quite a bit he hasn’t told her.

The Positive

HQ PG 6 2Harley and Power Girl make a great team, but their time in the last issue was starting to wear a bit thin on me.  Thankfully with this final issue, they have changed things up and pushed the story in a fun new direction.

The wedding here is pretty over the top even by the standards set by Harley, featuring a giant blue Elvis impersonator officiating and a funny gag about a jacuzzi filled with peanut butter.  I’m not sure if there are any lines left to cross here, but it’s hilarious to watch them try.

The second half of the book takes it from an intergalactic story to a twisted version of Mad Men and Don Draper’s home life.  It gets even weirder at this point as we see that Vartox has set up an artificial family based on Power Girl.  Needless to say, she doesn’t respond well to this.

The Negative

There’s not much to dislike here.  The story is pretty off the rails crazy, but we knew that going in.

HQ PG 3 crop

The Verdict

Harley and Power Girl’s wild ride comes to a close.  I enjoyed this issue much more than the previous.  I have to wonder if the series on a whole could’ve been compressed down into 5 issues.  Either way, it wraps up with a good story and puts us right back where we started.