Review: Robin War #2

by Max Eber
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Damian Wayne a Talon? Robin War concludes with Robins vs. Owls written by Tom King and furnished with a bevy of artists.


Robin War (2015-) 002-029Duke confronts Damian as Dick Grayson faces Lincoln March as Robins vs Owls continue, and your average joe from the movement struggles with wanting to help, but not “being robin” hinders him.


I feel, given all his development, Damian even thinking putting on an owl mask and betraying everyone would be something he’d

The erratic art split between many artists was inconsistent as were character’s designs neglecting Damian’s new costume tweaks from his current solo. Some art was better than others, however coloring was generally quite nice throughout. Riko kissing Duke seemed sort of out of place, I’m not sure they’ve even hinted at an attraction. I think the problem with Robin War is that it feels rushed and a bit out of characRobin War (2015-) 002-031ter for a lot of those involved. Don’t even let me touch on Dick Grayson at the end. I don’t particularly like any of that.


I’d reason this had good intentions but I find the entire event somewhat rushed and sloppy and the main actual Robins don’t come off very well. I feel like this could have been handled a lot better? Perhaps it’s due to the Owls, who as a concept I’ve never particularly liked. Do check it out to support the “We Are Robin” crowd as they are part of the next-gen Batman family after all, and we’ll be seeing them rise in importance for sure.




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