New Speedster Cast on The Flash

by Scarlett Bentley
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Eliza Harmon, also known as Trajectory by DC fans, was slated to appear on The Flash a while, and has now been officially cast.

Harmon will be played by Allison Paige, well known for being on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives, according to TVLine.

Trajectory has a rather interesting comic book history, as she was given her powers of super speed by none other than the super villain Lex Luthor as a part of his Everyman Project, and she dreamed of going on to become the new Kid Flash and eventually join the Teen Titans. However this dream was cut short when Luthor stripped her of her powers during a battle with Blockbuster, which lead to her being killed.

How Harmon will get her powers on The Flash is still a mystery, however it’s possible that she could receive her speed from Harry Wells new super drug, Velocity-6. It’s extremely unlikely that she will receive her powers from Lex Luthor like her comic book counterpart, but it’s too early to rule out any possibilities.

Harmon will be appearing on The Flash soon, and according to TVLine, she will not be on Barry’s side.

TVLine said, “Having arrived in town intent on creating maximum chaos, Trajectory’s antics are misinterpreted as having been perpetrated by the Flash himself. Barry thus must act quickly and uncover the mystery of who is the girl under the mask — as well as what is driving her mad desire for speed and destruction.”

You can catch The Flash on Tuesday’s on the CW.

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