Review: Superman: American Alien #3

A 21 yr old Clark Kent is in for the time of his life when he’s mistaken for the young, rich party boy– Bruce Wayne! Clark is stuck on a yacht with some of the world’s most privileged teenagers! While partying as the young Bruce he uncovers a plot to kill Bruce! Can Clark stop the killer before he’s discovered?


The Positives

American Alien #3 titled “Parrot” is a very good read. Written by Max Landis, and penciled by Mark Buckingham and Joelle Jones this book follows a 21 yr old Clark Kent who is seeking adventure outside of Smallville. While on vacation Clark’s plane goes down in the ocean and when he wakes up, he’s on a yacht with some of the world’s wealthiest kids! Including Oliver Queen! I loved seeing Clark and Oliver interact with each other, and although the two will grow to become great friends, they couldn’t see the world more differently right now. Landis made Oliver into a total smug, entitled pretty boy and I love it. It’s good to see Clark stand beside someone he contrasts with so much. Also loved how everyone mistakes Clark for Bruce Wayne–who throws this party every year but hasn’t been seen since he was 12 years old. It’s pretty obvious that Bruce is off training to eventually become Batman and that’s why no one has seen him. Buckingham and Jones do a great job with the penciling and details of the characters and I must admit– I’m enjoying seeing Clark Kent grow up.

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The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue is very minor. And that is the ending including Bruce Wayne. In the end Bruce sees Clark partying on his yacht and wonders just who this guy is that’s imitating him. Now like I said its a minor complaint but I just didn’t see the purpose unless the two plan on meeting up next issue–which I seriously doubt. Not to give away a spoiler but Clark actually defeats a threat set up by an unknown party to kill Bruce Wayne–shouldn’t Bruce been able to see that fight in the security camera footage as well? That thought didn’t cross my mind until I finished reading the book itself.


The Verdict

If you’ve read American Alien issues 1 and 2, then 3 will be perfect for you as well. I love how we are seeing Clark at key moments and stages of his life. Although he hasn’t put on the cape yet its pretty interesting to see what guides him in doing so. Issue 3 definitely gives us that and also throws in Oliver Queen for a good laugh. I always liked Oliver and its good seeing him a Clark at odds over ideals. Oliver is still in his party boy stage and it shows here perfectly. Now my hope now is that we see the point where Clark decides he needs to become Superman. I think Landis does a great job showing us how human Clark is–and although he’s not human he still goes through growing pains just like the rest of us.

Steven Brown

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