Review: Titans Hunt #4 “Masks”

by Steven Brown
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The Titans continue to struggle to make sense of their memories. And as their scattered minds soon start to remember important events, it seems that a power has emerged to destroy them all! The team is broken and is in every direction possible trying to find answers…can they find them in time before its too late?


The Positives

Titans Hunt #4 titled “Masks” was written by Dan Abnett and penciled by Stephen Segovia and Paulo Siqueira. Dan Abnett has not disappointed me in his writing and this issue is no different. From the very beginning we pick up immediately where part 3 left off, with Wonder Girl, Aqualad, and Dick Grayson trying to make sense of their dreams. Stephen and Paulo do a great job with the artwork and I love the attention to detail on every page. Dick Grayson really steps up this issue as a leader as well. I like that towards the end he puts on the Nightwing costume–not to spoil the reason why but its great to see him back in a uniform I’ve been accustomed to for so long. Hawk and Dove’s appearance was great! I thought towards the end of part 3 that their role in this issue would be pretty small but I’m glad I was wrong. Hopefully we’ll see more of Hawk and Dove in the future with the Titans.


The Negatives

My only complaint about the issue has to be the reveal of the villain– Mr. Twister. I like for my villains to be memorable and dominant towards their hero counterparts, however I just don’t get that from this particular character. Maybe because he’s just been revealed but I suspect that he’ll probably just be a one shot villain. We still don’t know however what Mr. Twister’s true intentions are, so maybe when that’s revealed I’ll have more hope for this particular villain down the road.


The Verdict

I thought Titans Hunt #4 was a good read. Dan Abnett gives us great dialogue between our heroes who seem to argue more than they work together but I think this is what makes the Titans so awesome. Unlike the Justice League that runs like a well-tuned up and built machine, the Titans stumble, they argue, and they nitpick with each other. However when everything is on the line–they become what they have to be–heroes. The art by Paulo and Stephen compliments it further. I’m a big fan of detail with my art, especially in fight scenes, and this issue gives you that perfectly. If you’re a fan of the Titans and especially of Dick Grayson like I am then this is a good issue to read!


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