Geoff Johns Says DC Has Plans For Teen Titans

teen titans

With the shocking announcement that TNT wasn’t moving forward with their small-screen adaptation of Teen Titans, it seemed that hope was last that we would ever see a live action version of this amazing team.

However, DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff  Johns tells fans not to give up hope.  “We have plans for Titans,” Johns told TVLine. “It’s a huge piece of DC and we have plans.”  He also said that while the announcement that TNT wasn’t moving foward with the show was a shock to audiences, DC had known about it for quite a while, and it wasn’t a surprise to the people involved.

Currently, the team is appearing in animated form on Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go, and the upcoming animated film Justice League vs Teen Titans, while their comic books are getting a bit of an overhaul via the mythology-altering Titans Hunt.

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