French Artist Gives Life To The End Of Batman

by Joshua Raynor
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French artist, Travis Durden, who was responsible for reimagining Star Wars characters as beautiful, classic Greek sculptures, has a new project…Batman.

Collaborating with photographers who document eerie, abandoned locations across the globe, Durden used 3D software to digitally insert the Dark Knight, the Batmobile, the Batpod and his hero’s cowl into the decaying environments. “I wanted the final images as real as possible,” he explained, “as if Batman really spent time in these abandoned places.”

The result is a bleak, almost post-apocalyptic, portrait of Batman’s solitary final days.

"Bat Theater" with Matt Lambros
"Bat Home" with Alicia Riu
"Bat Piano" with Jason Koxvold
"Bat Broken" with Antti Vitala
"Bat Station" with Ed Freeman

Let us know, in the comments, what you thought of these gorgeous pieces of art.

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