Six Flag’s New Joker-Themed Roller Coaster On The Way

by Joshua Raynor
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Coming this Spring, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California will unveil their newest roller coaster…THE JOKER

Standing 100ft tall, with a length of 3,200ft, this wild roller coaster will send people on a ride, going up to 53 mph, around several loops and falls.

Each train will have six cars, each seating four people (in two rows of two riders), for a total capacity of 24 riders per train.  The Joker will depart the station and be sent through several small ‘bunny hills’ and turns paying homage to the original pre-lift elements that demonstrated Great Coaster International’s Millennium Flyer trains that were first used on Roar, the coaster ‘The Joker’ is replacing.  It is very reminiscent to Twisted Colossus’ pre-lift elements.  The train will then ascend up its first hill of 100 feet which has been re-profiled to be steeper similar to the work done on the Cyclone at Six Flags New England to become Wicked Cyclone.  Dropping at 78 degrees with a top speed of 53 miles per hour through a curved drop which is also paying homage to GCI’s signature curved drops.  Riders will then go into the ‘step up under flip’ inversion and turn to the left under the inversion.  The train will then go up a hill into the 180 degree stall which will have several ‘head choppers’.  After, the train will go into the wave turn and into air time hills.  After an over banked sharp turn, the train ascends and descends two camel back hills and a then a second very sharp over banked turn.  Then, the train will go into the final inversion, a barrel roll.  Finally the train will go into a banked turn and an airtime hill before slamming into the brakes.

Check out this virtual ride of the new roller coaster:

The Joker is set to open Spring 2016.  Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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