Marc Guggenheim Where Are Slade Wilson, The Huntress, & Walter Steele


In case you have been wondering where is Deathstroke, The Huntress, and Walter Steele don’t feel all alone. In a Q&A on Tumbler Marc Guggenheim decided to answer some questions about these three characters and what they are doing. It seems odd that Slade Wilson aka: Deathstroke hasn’t been seen on the television show Arrow in some time. It turns out that he is currently tied up in another DC project. I am personally hoping for it to be in a Teen Titans or really any big time knock out brawl against Arrow or even Huntress. Which could explain why she isn’t available either.

To read more on what he had to say about the Slade, Walter, and Huntress click on the images below and it will take you to his Tumblr posts about them. The responses are pretty interesting. He also talks about other series in this post which addresses the fact that we could see Zatanna or a return of Huntress. So it leaves us with a general idea of what is going on and a curiosity as to what is going to be happening in The Arrow. I will say this though, first off potential spoiler if you are not caught up with The Arrow; Floyd Lawton is showing up in another Arrow-verse episode.





Brandon Richardson

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