Review: Black Canary #8

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

Black Canary #8 is written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Sandy Jarrell and colors by Lee Loughridge. In this issue, Black Canary must team up with Vixen in order to break free of captivity.


Previously, after a battle with a dangerous alien, Dinah was kidnapped by a woman from her past.

The cover by Annie Wu is well drawn and a striking image in general.

The issue begins with the band being interrogated by cops trying to figure out what happened last issue at Gotham Stadium. They’re bailed out by Kurt Lance’s lawyers who tell the band that they need to go to Berlin to save Dinah. In Berlin, Dinah is being forced to fight cage matches with a voice inhibitor on her throat. Dinah is being kept in a cell with Vixen whose totem was stolen by the women running the cage fights. The ninja in white, who is Dinah’s aunt, shows up and explains that Dinah allowed herself to be captured in order to find information on her missing mother.

Back in the states, Maeve joins the band in order to protect Ditto. In Berlin, Vixen convinces Dinah that her aunt is manipulating her and that they need to break free. Dinah gets the inhibitor off and the two heroes escape with plans to bring back more heroes to take down the cult. The issue ends with Dinah heading back to Gotham as the band arrives in Berlin.


This is a pretty solid issue. Jarrell’s art combined with Loughridge’s colors are striking and engaging; it gives the issue a lot of life. Teaming up Black Canary with Vixen was a great surprise that led to a lot of fun action. I hope Vixen becomes a recurring character in the book. Fletcher also does a great job of starting at a place of mystery and then explaining instead of flashing back. This is a really fun issue and a good starting point so I recommend picking this up.



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