Funko & DC Make Legion Of Collectors

by Brandon Richardson
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As we all wait for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice the amazing team at Funko’s Pop! Vinyl have decided to team up with DC Comics to make their own DC themed mystery boxes.

They are all themed for each month with exclusive collectibles and accessories all coming to at least $50 per box. To top it off there is no filler, each box is filled and intended to be a mystery. Now this means that not every box will have the same goodies in it but they will stay to the theme.

There are two different prices that you can pay, the Sidekick membership which is $25 every other month plus shipping and handling as well as taxes. Then there is the Hero membership that is $150 billed annually plus shipping and handling as well as taxes. The advantage of doing the Hero membership is that you also get a free collectible gift on the anniversary of your signing up date.

Now if you are dead set on getting a hold of all of the Batman V Superman Pop! Vinyl’s then this is the only way you are going to get a hold of the Armored Batman #88 since it is an exclusive to those who sign up. You need to hurry though if you want this one because the sign up to receive it ends on March 1st! If you are still on the fence look at it like this, it just means that you pay $25 for the Pop! Vinyl and get some goodies to show off when you go see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25th.

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