Stephen Amell Faces WWE’s Stardust Again At Fan Expo Dallas

by Joshua Raynor
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During a Celebrity Q&A panel with Stephen Amell at this year’s Fan Expo Dallas, fans in attendance got an unexpected surprise.

The Arrow star had a surprise visitor during the festivities, and that visitor was WWE Superstar, Stardust, who Amell faced during last year’s WWE SummerSlam event back in August.

Wwe stardust Stephen Amell arrow

Stardust had been teasing a confrontation with the Arrow star on Twitter for a few days ever since the two had made an agreement on what to do with the WWE Slammy Award Amell had won.  The two had put aside their differences, At least temporarily, to help raise money for 8 year old Elijah Manville (who was named an Honorary WWE Superstar using the moniker Drax Shadow).  The NickyClan campaign was an effort to raise money for Elijah as he battles Stage 4 Cancer and has surpassed it’s goal.

Luckily, Stephen’s cousin, Robbie Amell (who played Firestorm, and most recently Deathstorm, on The CW’s The Flash), was on hand to catch the event as it happened.  After answering some questions (including Stardust challenging Amell to a 1 on 1 bout), and dealing with some troublesome fans, Amell announced that he will be auctioning off his Slammy award to raise additional money for Manville.  Before the panel came to a close however, Stardust tossed a cup of water in Amell’s face, seemingly reigniting their feud once more.

Check out the entire video released by WWE below:

Will fans finally get a rematch between these two?  Could we possibly even see the character of Stardust make his way onto Arrow?  Stay tuned to find out.

Arrow airs every Wednesday at 8:00pm EST on The CW.

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