Review: DC Bombshells #9

by Paul DePaola
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Mera and Supergirl are caught by a monster under the Thames river in London as they try to clear the mines trapping the fleet.  Stargirl has returned to her father’s home, but it’s not the idyllic reunion that anyone was expecting.  The Tenebrae army has grown more powerful than any of the heroes has expected.  They have allied themselves with the Axis to rule the land while the Tenebrae under the command of the King of Atlantis will rule under the water.

The Positive

Bombshells 9 3A lot is going on in this issue, and a lot is revealed about the Tenebrae army.  Mera and Supergirl are fighting a monster unleashed by Atlantis.  They are outmatched by Nereus, the current King of Atlantis.  Mera makes an extreme sacrifice in order to stop the creature and save herself and Supergirl.

Stargirl’s homecoming is anything but warm.  Turns out her father is quite the weapons manufacturer and doesn’t want her to return to the fight.  While she plots to escape, she is forced to deal with her childhood and growing up with Supergirl.  We get a lot of character backstory, but it’s presented in such a way that it doesn’t feel like an infodump.

Wonder Woman’s story feels much smaller than the rest, but it does give us more about the Tenebrae and their plans for the world.

The Negative

Wonder Woman fights with the Baroness, but it doesn’t feel like anything really changes.  They seem to be in the same place both before and after.  It’s not a clear victory or defeat for either of them.  Wonder Woman’s story feels like the weakest part of the story.  The story might have flowed better just following the trio of Supergirl, Stargirl and Mera.

Bombshells 9 2

The Verdict

This issue gives us a lot of backstory on our heroes and what is at stake with the Tenebrae armies.  It fills in a lot of gaps in the story and ups the stakes.  The backstories are revealed in a way that flows naturally out of the story so as not to overwhelm us with exposition.

The trio of Supergirl, Stargirl and Mera make a strong story that balances action and family together, but it feels a bit weakened by Wonder Woman’s chapter which feels disconnected.


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