Review: Superman Wonder Woman #26

by Paul DePaola
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Vandal Savage has done the unthinkable, he has managed to not only lock Superman out of his Fortress of Solitude, but is also removing it from the arctic ice and plans to merge with his ship to give himself the power to remake the world.  Superman is fighting to not only re-enter the Fortress but to also prevent it from merging.  Wonder Woman has joined him in the fight, but Vandal’s twins now stand in their way.

Super WW 26 2The Positive

Superman is pretty much the most powerful hero in the DC universe, and there are very few enemies who can stand up to him toe to toe.  Here, Vandal Savage has not only figured out a way to increase his own power in an effort to be as strong as Superman but has also found a new way to defeat the Man of Steel, by humiliating him and taking what he loves so dear and perverting it to Savage’s own gain.  Even with all of Superman’s strength, he can’t seem to break through what Savage has done to his home.

Vandal Savage makes a great enemy.  Savage and his intelligence outwit Superman at every turn, and the twins are powerful enough to hold back both Superman and Wonder Woman in a direct fight.

Peter Tomasi writes a great rage filled Superman, he is both desperate and humiliated but continues to fight on and never give up.  Doug Mahnke’s art and layouts keep the story moving at a fast pace but never let the action get too confusing and hard to follow.

Super WW 26 4 crop

The Negative

Wonder Woman doesn’t get a lot to do here.  She doesn’t show up until the second half of the book and her only contribution is a few punches.  The story is very heavily focused on Superman.  It feels more like Wonder Woman guest starring in a Superman book than a book that is supposed to feature both of them in main roles.

The twins, for all their powers and how much Savage talks them up, are dispatched pretty easily and even seem to disappear from the fight for a page while Superman and Wonder Woman deal with the beams between Earth and the Comet.

The Verdict

Vandal Savage has defeated Superman without ever throwing a punch.  Not only has he defeated him, he has humiliated and crushed him.  Savage has stolen what little piece of Krypton is left on Earth for Superman and twisted it to his own gain.  Superman is forced to sit and watch.

This is a solid action-packed issue as we see both the strength and the weaknesses of Superman on display.  Wonder Woman is there but I would’ve liked to see her contribute more.  Really this is a story all about Savage and Superman.

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