Dan DiDio Weighs In On “Young Justice” Revival

by Kevin Gunn
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Though his ties to DC Entertainment are in publishing, Dan DiDio says it’s hard to ignore the fans’ calling for Season 3!

DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio stated at a recent event that a movement is growing to bring back Young Justice.

“On the publishing side, there’s a lot of interest, but I know there’s a lot of exciting initiatives on the animation side,” DiDio said during the In-Store Convention Kickoff. “One thing I’ve learned in my years doing this, nothing ever rests forever. The voice of the people is becoming louder and listened to more often, which is a good thing.” – Comicbook.com

Young Justice was met with high rating and a legion of fans when it premiered on Cartoon Network on January 7. 2011, until the last episode aired on March 16, 2013. Since it’s cancelation, there have been many campaigns to save the series. But recently, producers like Greg Weisman, and stars such as Danica McKellar, have taken to social media to urge the public to watch episodes on Netflix and purchase the Blu-Ray of the series. They’ve also suggested fans take up the torch to save Young Justice, including sharing their own posts with the hashtag “#KeepBingingYJ”.


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