Review: Superman #49 “Savage Dawn”

by Steven Brown
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Superman’s war against Vandal Savage continues! Powered by kryptonite and with the help of Wonder Woman Superman is ready to finally take the fight to Savage! But with an army of Savage’s super powered descendants standing against them can Superman and Wonder Woman survive the coming onslaught?


The Positives

Superman #49 which is written by Gene Luen Yang and penciled by Jack Herbert is a great read. If you’ve been following my reviews you’ll know I’m primarily an action type of person at heart–and this issue gives you just that. Herbert does a great job of giving detail to every single fight that explodes on this page, and it makes for a great book. Yang does a great job with the story as well. I wasn’t a particular fan of Vandal Savage until Legends of Tomorrow appeared on TV, but from the comic the character is done perfectly. Yang does a great job showing how brilliant and manipulative Savage is. As Savage brings the meteor closer to Earth, it gives thousands of his descendants– those that carry his genetic signature, immense power. The mortals now made godlike converge upon Vandal’s stronghold to gain entrance in–it is here where Superman and Wonder Woman make their stand, and from there the action really picks up!


The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue is the appearance of Lois Lane. Now first let me say that I’m a fan of the Lois character, however not so much after she exposed Superman’s identity to the world. In this particular issue she’s basically near ground zero of the battle. Protected by Metallo, Lois is shocked when Superman sustains a blow that knocks him unconscious briefly. Lois sends Metallo to dig Superman out of the rubble and to help in the battle, and Superman of course is touched by the moment. I guess I’m just that forgiving of a person Clark. Lois exposed him to the world, made targets of his family and friends and pretty much ended the “Clark Kent” era of Superman. Where exactly does he go from here? I hope Yang answers this question after the dust clears from the war with Vandal Savage. I don’t mind Clark and Lois working things out between them–I just don’t think she’s earned it yet honestly.

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The Verdict

Superman #49 is a great read! Superman is knocking his enemies around, Wonder Woman is knocking her enemies around– everyone is getting knocked around here! No complaints from me! Throw that in with great writing from Yang and what you have is an amazing issue. If you’re a fan of action and slugfests then this is your issue– check it out!


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