Review: Detective Comics #49 “Salt of The Earth”

by Steven Brown
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Jim Gordon is still dealing with a serial killer that’s leaving a trail of bodies throughout Gotham. Although he’s now the Batman, Gordon still has to walk a thin line between the law and being used to his own code as the Batman. However it seems that this serial killer is intent on testing that line. Can Gordon keep his head together while chasing a serial killer who has no regard for who’s next?


The Positives

This title “Salt of The Earth”, written by Peter J. Tomasi and penciled by Fernando Pasarin and Marcio Takara is a good and well rounded read. I can admit that I’ve become a fan of Jim Gordon being the Batman. It seems each issue does a better job of making you recognize the man outside of the mask. Everything Gordon does from crime scene investigation, to interacting with his old partner Harvey Bullock, to even watching his daughter while he’s on patrol is done perfectly. I’ve grown to love the banter between Bullock and Gordon, and its funny how Bullock has so much trouble recognizing Gordon as the Batman. The partnership between the two is something I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of. I also love the serial killer story line we have here. We see Gordon and the G.C.P.D literally pulling every idea they have to catch this maniac–and with no success. Although Gordon comes close in this issue, the killer gets away while Gordon was saving a life. I think Tomasi might be setting Gordon up for a “trial by fire” for a matter of speaking later on in the series. Gordon is enjoying the freedom from certain constraints of the law that he has by being Batman but I have a feeling he’ll soon learn there’s consequences to that sort of freedom. I’m excited to see what happens next in the series.


The Negatives

The negative I really have here is only that I want more Harvey Bullock! Each issue we’ve had so far gives us just a few panels of the back and forth between these partners and it gets funnier every time. Bullock’s laid back but gruff demeanor versus Gordon’s straight to the point approach makes for good reading. I think it’s a great point that Bullock hasn’t gotten used to Gordon in the costume yet but I hope we see them for a real team up soon. It might even happen in this particular series since they’re both on the same case. There’s even a page where we find Harvey is a bit of a space geek– who knew? It makes for a funny bit especially when Gordon gives his opinion about it.


The Verdict

Detective Comics #49 is a good read! I’m enjoying Gordon’s run as the Batman! It’s pretty interesting to see life outside of the batcave, Alfred, Robin and etc. Pretty much everything we’ve known about Batman has been tossed out the window for a moment– and that’s completely fine. With Gordon we have a completely new, yet familiar set of supporting characters that make for a great story. Definitely check out Detective Comics #49–its worth your time–and your money!


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