Review: Teen Titans #17

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

Teen Titans #17 is written by Greg Pak with pencils by Ian Churchill, inks by Norm Rapmund and colors by Tony Avina. In this issue, Wonder Girl sets off to find answers about her origin.



The issue begins with a voice calling to Wonder Girl. Tim interrupts while the team stops hunters from killing a deer. The team is on the run from the police and Tim is trying to clear their names. Cassie is getting restless and starting to resort to stealing like she did in her life before the Titans. The voice keeps calling to her and she eventually follows it to London. The Teen Titans follow her and are attacked by hyena monsters. Cassie hears the voice below her and breaks into an apartment with team following her. There, she discovers her father’s head turned to stone. A woman appears claiming to be Cassie’s aunt. She also says that Cassie is the granddaughter of Zeus. When this woman offers to restore the life of Cassie’s father, Cassie agrees to go with her. The woman teleports away with everyone except Tim who is now alone in the apartment. The issue ends with the reveal that the apartment belongs to Wonder Woman and she confronts Tim.


The reveal of Wonder Woman is genuinely surprising but I think that’s just because I am an idiot. The fact it’s in London should have been a clue and I feel like I should have recognized the apartment. It’s still a great ending and I am genuinely interested by this mystery. I go back and forth with Cassie. I’ve liked her in stories here and there such as her appearance in Doomed but I’m usually not interested in the character. This issue does make me curious about what exactly is going on with her and I do want to see what happens next.

While all the art in general is great, the colors stand out to me in particular. Every member stands out and looks unique. It’s a fun book to look at.

I was a fan of the New 52 World’s Finest with Power Girl and Huntress so it was cool to see Tayna. I do wish Doomed was here but Scott Lobdell isn’t writing so that may be the reason he isn’t.

I don’t normally read this series because I haven’t liked what little I have read in the past. However, it is incredibly easy to pick up from this issue and enjoy it.


I am not a fan of this design of Raven. She looks more like Dove than Raven. I get what they’re going for but it just doesn’t work for me.



This was surprising for me in how much I enjoyed it. A mystery is set up that I never cared about in the past and I ended being interested in it by the end. The art is fantastic, especially the colors, and there are a couple of great small character moments that are actually funny and humanizes this team. I like seeing Raven, Beast Boy and Power Girl just hanging out joking around. This is a solid read and I recommend checking it out.




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