Review: Titans Hunt #5 “Sticks and Stones”

by Steven Brown
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The Titans are still fractured as a team through the efforts of Mr. Twister but their memories are slowly returning, and with it shocking revelations! As the team of Nightwing, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad race to find answers they might just discover that this is exactly what Mr. Twister intends them to do!


The Positives

“Sticks and Stones” the 5th issue of the Titans Hunt series is written by Dan Abnett and penciled by Geraldo Borges and Paulo Siqueira. Once again Dan tells a great continuation of the story with amazing art attached. Not to spoil too much for you, but with all of the running and looking for answers our heroes are seeking, it really seems that they are playing into Mr. Twister’s hands and it’s pretty interesting. We see in this issue that Mr. Twister is more of a puppeteer than a real “hands on” type of villain. He even has a giant monstrosity that does his dirty work of keeping Malcolm–who’s revealed to be a former Titan, held captive. It seems that Mr. Twister is relying on memories to survive, and he’s not strong enough to enter our world yet. The Titans although still separated, are each on their own journey to find their memories–and their all getting closer to the truth. I’m actually anxious to see how all of this ends actually. This was actually a series I have to admit I was unsure about because to the unknown to me threat of Mr. Twister. Although this issue and the previous one shows how truly manipulative he is–and that’s pretty dangerous.


The Negatives

Now try to stay with me on this train of thought here– and if you get derailed it’s ok–just breathe, and reread what I said. My only complaint is the issue as a whole. How? Why? Well it’s because the Titans are trying to piece back their memories from an event that as a reader I don’t remember at all. Now that’s because I’m not a regular Teen Titans reader. I usually just read Robin comics and that’s about it. This is the first series I’ve actually read back to back of following the Titans–and it makes me want to read the previous issues I missed. Now I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy the series if you’re not a Titans fan cause the comic provides plenty of flashbacks–but I’m greedy and you know this. Now I want to go back and read the first encounter with Mr. Twister myself and see what happens in its entirety. That actually says a lot about the writing of Dan Abnett to write something so well it makes you want to backtrack the story as a whole.


The Verdict

Titans Hunt #5 is very enjoyable read. It provides a good layer of action, great interactions between the team, and we see Nightwing back in uniform finally! The story line as a whole has picked up from issue #3 and I’m eager to see exactly what happens with the Titans next. Right now everyone is moving to the tune of Mr. Twister–and they just don’t know it–great read!


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