DC Comics Tribute To Top Ten Leading Ladies

by Kevin Gunn
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Comic Book Publisher celebrates Women’s History Month with a list of female powerhouses!

DC All Access pays homage to the beautiful, but mighty Top 10 Leading Ladies in the DC Universe. Tiffany and Jason give a rundown in the video below:

It should come as no surprise that the Amazing Amazon rounds out the list, but this reporter has to question why Stargirl is ranked higher than Supergirl? Again, here’s the list in order:


  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Lois Lane
  3. Barbara Gordon
  4. Black Canary
  5. Harley Quinn
  6. Stargirl
  7. Big Barda
  8. Renee Montoya
  9. Amanda Waller
  10. Supergirl

How would you rank the women in the DC Universe? Share your thoughts in the comments section and on our social media sites below.

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