Review: Teen Titans #18 Who is Wonder Girl Part 2

by Damian Fasciani
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Who is Wonder Girl Part 2

Writer – Greg Pak

Pencillers – Ian Churchill & Tom Derenick

Inkers – Norm Rapmund & Art Thibert

Colors – Tony Avina

Letterer – Corey Breen

This story kicks off with the iconic Wonder Woman speaking with Red Robin, leader of the Teen Titans. Seeking her assistance, Robin sets the scene as to the situation the Teen Titans are in, and how she can help. The story is set with Red Robin separated from the rest of the Teen Titans who are battling their own situation with Wonder Girl.

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The story provides historical context on events that affected the Amazons. Wonder Girl doesn’t understand her current place in the world, and part of the Teen Titans are attempting to fill the void to bring Wonder Girl up to speed, helping her to understand more about herself and what she really is.

At this point the story opens up with key action sequences that bring the characters to life and provide what was initially a mild paced story into a faced paced set of battles that will put a smile on your face.

A good comic book not only provides us with depth within its story, but visuals that allows its readers to deep dive into that universe. Art should immerse you into a story, and this is one of the best features of the book. The blend of colours, and quality of art stand out, and in particular Wonder Woman whose presence is dominate.

Positives: The overall quality of the artwork and blend of colours, and once the story gets going the action sequences are both humorous and exciting.

What could have been different: The story started off a little slow, and therefore seemed a little imbalanced considering how quickly the pace picked up mid way through the story.

Overall you won’t be disappointed.



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