Review: Detective Comics #50

by Steven Brown
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Jim Gordon is still on the trail of a serial killer who’s motives and methods he still can’t figure out. As frustration mounts the killer’s body count continues as well. Will Jim be able to catch this serial killer once and for all? And what is his fate as The Batman?


The Positives

” Martyrs and Madmen” written by Peter J. Tomasi and penciled by Fernando Pasarin and Marcio Takara is a great read. I’ve enjoyed following Jim Gordon on this particular case of pursuing a serial killer throughout Gotham, who has a dark interest in dressing his victims up in costume. The story itself is dark and edgy, and it reminds you that no matter who wears the bat suit–the threats of Gotham remain the same. Pasarin and Takara do a great job of showcasing the shadows and darkness of Gotham. As Gordon pursues this killer the artwork has a great way of drawing you in making you feel apart of the story. Jim Gordon has proven to be a great Batman, and with good characters like Harvey Bullock beside him he gets the job done. Bullock was a great supporting character in this issue, and I love how he and Gordon can trade jabs at each other even in the most intense of situations. I hope to see these two take on more Gotham villains together in the future–it makes for great comedic dialogue.


The Negatives

My only negative about this issue is the reveal at the end. Not to reveal too much about what happens to the serial killer but I just expected high profile-type villain I guess. The reveal of the killer wasn’t who I expected it to be–however that’s alright cause I enjoyed the series as a whole. If anything now I want to see Gordon as Batman take on Two-Face, Bane or Penguin in some intense situations in the future.


The Verdict

Tomasi, Pasarin, and Takara give us a great story in “Martyrs and Madmen”. The series as a whole is a great read and if you were ever not sold on Gordon as Batman this series will definitely make you change your mind. I’m now eager to see where else if possible could Gordon go with his role as the Bat. If you were ever unsure about Gordon bearing the Bat-symbol I suggest you read Detective Comics #50!!! You’ll change your mind!



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