Brand New Full Trailer For ‘The Killing Grin’ Released Online

by Joshua Raynor
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The very first full trailer for the upcoming Harley Quinn fan film, The Killing Grin, has just dropped online.  Check it out:

THE KILLING GRIN is set in a completely new universe while taking inspiration from the entire Batman history. With a new, fresh take on the beloved character Harley Quinn, this is a way that the character has never been seen before. She is brutal, ruthless, and peppy and fun the way we all know and love. She has her own motives and her own drive and nobody knows what she is going to do next!

The Killing Grin: A Harley Quinn Fan Film is written and directed by Jason Onorad and stars Chelsea Mike Schmitt as the titular character.  It hits the web on April 16, 2016, so be sure to keep a look out for it right here on DC Comics News.

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