Grayson #18.

by Matthew Lloyd
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Grayson #18. Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelley- Writers, Roge Antonio & Geraldo Borges- Artists, Jeromy Cox- Colorist.

As this series barrels towards its end, it has lost the creative team that’s been aboard since the beginning- Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin. Janin still provides the cover if not the interiors. So far they are doing justice to the previous 17 issues.

Grayson 18 Helena

In the pantheon of comic characters there are four who are icons in the super-hero genre. Perhaps, not always executed at the highest level or produced by the most talented creators they are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and…. Ahead of Marvel/Timely, Fawcett, Quality or MLJ there is Dick Grayson. Not necessarily Robin, as he first appeared, but Dick Grayson, because he has stood the test of time despite going through multiple identity changes. If only Will Eisner could’ve gotten his hands on one of these guys….

Grayson 18 Agent Zero

Kelley and Lanzing do a fine job of continuing the story. As always, it’s a bit twisted as it is with spies. Helena is found and attacked and now on death’s door step. Dick and Tiger are trying to sort it all out as Agent 8 (she died in issue #3) returns for all to see. Agent Zero is also on the scene recruiting some of the St. Hadrian’s students. It’s spy vs. spy as Dr. Netz tries to save Helena and the Skull girls try to track down the “traitors” as directed by Agent Zero, the other Netz sister. Plus, Dick and Tiger are holding off the Bronze Tiger, Grifter team etc…. Thankfully, Midnighter is ready to step in on Dick’s side. No surprise there.

Grayson 18 Midnighter

In the end it’s Tiger vs Agent 8 and Dr. Netz vs Agent Zero. All while Daddy watches.

Grayson 18 Agent 8

The Positive

The creative team does a nice job of keeping the story going. It certainly doesn’t feel like there’s been a shift. King and Seeley definitely deserve a plotting credit here. I highly doubt that they were not involved in the finale of this series.

Grayson 18 Agent Zero Again

The Negative

There are some confusing parts still. Tiger was in love with Agent #8? Who exactly is directing Helena? It doesn’t seem to be Daddy Netz…or is it.

The Verdict

No reason to leave this title now, we are in the end run as the series approaches its finale. Nightwing is on the horizon.


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